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Zazzali Firm Happy to Announce That Firm Partner, Colin M. Lynch, approved as Treasurer of the Execu

Firm Partner, Colin M. Lynch, Esq, was approved as the new Treasurer of the Labor and Employment Section of the New Jersey State Bar at its 2019 Annual Meeting. Mr. Lynch previously served as the Labor and Employment Section's Recording Secretary. At the meeting, John Shahddanian, Esq., was appointed the new Recording Secretary; Stephanie Wilson, Esq., assumes the duties of Second Vice Chair with Keith Waldman, Esq., taking the position of First Vice Chair; and Ian Mekliskky, Esq., takes the reigns of the Section Chair from current Chair Lisa Manshell, Esq.

The Firm is pleased to make this announcement, as it reflects our attorneys' commitment to excellence and progress in the field of labor and employment law. Congratulations to Mr. Lynch on his new position.

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