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Public Sector Law


The firm serves as counsel to some of the most significant public sector labor unions in the State. Over the decades, we have gained an unparalleled wealth of expertise in matters arising under the education laws, civil service laws, pension and disability laws, and all aspects of public employment. Lawyers in the firm have backgrounds as attorneys for PERC, and through prior employment with other governmental regulatory agencies.


Many of the leading, precedent-setting cases in New Jersey involving public sector labor issues were handled by our attorneys. We have successfully handled complex litigation involving Federal and State constitutional and statutory issues for teachers, as well as representing them in tenure, discipline and certification and seniority issues. The firm has an extensive experience in representing teachers, police officers, corrections officers, firefighters and other uniformed personnel. We regularly represent unions and employees in matters before PERC, the New Jersey Merit Systems Board (civil service) and the various pension systems. The firm has also represented public sector unions in suits recognizing the employees' contractual rights in their pensions and the State's obligation to fund public pension systems.

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